September 8, 2008

Polina & Levon - an Armenian Wedding!

Polina and Levon invited WFD to capture their wedding day!

They scheduled the wedding for Saturday, September 6th, 2008 but did not schedule hurricane Hanna! Thank goodness she held off long enough for Polina and Levon to get some fabulous images along the banks of a river running next to the Hotel Marlowe where Polina got ready for the day. Gino and Heather from Story by Photo were the photographers. Ginos work is unsurpassed. He is by far the most artistic photographer I have had the pleasure of working with. I am sure that he will have a few clips of Polina and Levon up on his blog very soon!

Polina looked fabulous... one of her bridesmaids, Victoria, had recommended our services to Polina and Levon, so I got to see not only Victoria and her husband Vlad again... but their new little 5 month old baby, Adrian! What a joy to see my brides and grooms lives coming full circle!
But I digress... this day was all about Polina and Levon!

This couple booked an Instant Film with WFD... Polina has now had the full experience of a WFD Instant Film. It is sooo powerful! WFD made a film for her and her new husband to watch during their reception of all of the happenings from that very morning! She cried, ( Levon might have had a little water in his eye) and many of their guests applauded and laughed at all of the right times!
Watch their film that they saw on their wedding day below and think about the impact YOUR Instant Film could have on your wedding day! Enjoy!

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