August 23, 2008

Ashlee & Paul - Wedding Highlights

Ashlee & Paul have been anticipating this reel for a while now.

A beautiful wedding day with the perfect couple makes for a wedding film that is just.. well... phenomenal.

Of course, Ashlee & Paul's wedding video is fantastic.. but what makes it even more meaningful is the retrospective voice over.

Throughout Ashlee & Paul's full length version, there is a dabbling of voice overs ( you can hear a couple in this highlight reel.) What makes the R.V.O. such an emotional part of your wedding video is the fact that it is YOU recalling those moments in your day that were particularly special or emotional for YOU.

Listen to not only the choice of music Ashlee and Paul choose but also, listen to their own words...
Enjoy the show!
Sheila J. Orsi, Wedding Film Designer

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