August 15, 2010

Sophia & Peter:Trailer

Sophia and Peter were married on July 31, 2010!
What a beautiful day for a wedding in New England. Married in Cranston, Rhode Island at the Annunciation Church and receptioning in Providence at The Biltmore until midnight.

Such a handsome couple, full of life and love. Jim and I shot this wedding together as a 2 camera shoot and thank goodness, because having 2 shooters at the wedding allowed us to be in multiple locations to capture all of the happenings of the day ( and there was A LOT happening!)

From Ben & Jerry's ice cream to walking the art festival in Providence, Sophia and Peter ventured more places on their wedding day than most people do on a regular day!

All of the locations and events made this wedding so unique and fun, I hope you find a taste of it all in the trailer below! Enjoy!

Sheila J. Orsi

July 30, 2010

Meghan & Mike - Cape Cod Heaven

Meghan and Mike- Cape Cod Heaven!

Summer 2010 starting off with the most beautiful weather we have seen in decades! Meghan and Mike are so happy on such a beautiful day on Cape Cod to be married..
Here Wedding Film Design shares their trailer with you.. a lite snack to whet your appetite for the 60 minute full feature film! Enjoy!

Sheila J. Orsi
Meghan & Mike's Wedding Film Designer!

December 10, 2009

Sarah & Justin,a WFD Trailer

October 10th started out with think storm clouds, and a threatening of rain, but all held off and a beautiful afternoon was the setting for Sarah and Justin's wedding in Central Massachusetts at the regal Harding Allen Estate in the quiet country town of Barre, MA.

This trailer is a precursor to their full length film which will be arriving at their doorstep soon (Sarah and Justin live within walking distance of the WFD studio.) Enjoy your viewing!
Sheila J. Orsi

Ceremony &
Reception: Harding Allen Estate, Barre, MA
Photography & Videography: Sheila Orsi & Bonnie Carter Wedding Film Design
Entertainment: Bob Solano,
Here are a few images, by Bonnie Carter, affiliate Photographer of WFD:

November 25, 2009

Love is spelled R-A-I-N

Most brides and grooms pray for a beautiful day, usually that means blue skies, wisps of clouds and a bright sunshiny day! For Jessica and Glenn, a BEAUTIFUL day means any day and any weather as long as they are together!

Below is a trailer/preview to their full-length DVD which will be airing in a living room near you during the upcoming holiday season... enjoy your viewing!


November 20, 2009

Jill and Andy... the fun never ends...

Andy asked me to post his celebration and "Once in a Lifetime" montages from his reception so he could share online... Biblically speaking, "Ask and you shall receive!" Enjoy Andy!


"Once in a Lifetime:"

November 19, 2009

Stephanie and John,

Romantic, adorable, best of friends. Those are all the descriptions you will hear about them in the sound bites of their closest friends and family! Perfect weather on a perfect summer day in Boston, Stephanie and John were married in Boston on Beacon Hill and celebrated with Boston Harbor as a backdrop at the Commandant's House!

A trolley took them from one locale to the next as they soaked up the sun. Enjoy this highlight reel of the day's events, the feature film will be arriving on their doorstep next week! Be on the lookout for your WFD postcard to arrive to enjoy a film festival gala at their home!

The Church of the Advent Boston, MA
Reception: The Commandant's House Charlestown Navy Yard Boston, MA
Photography: Mollie Filmore
Videography: Sheila Orsi, Wedding Film Design
Disc Jockey: John Zucco, The Entertainment Specialists
Catering: Dan Mauro, Buffetway
Trolley: Stephen Lynch, A Formal Affair

November 12, 2009

A little island off the New England Coast!

Ever wish you could just shove off the main land and find a secluded retreat that takes you back to a time where life was just a little simpler than today? Well, Jill and Andy did just that, and they took all their friends and family with them and got married on the island! Where is this magical place? Why, Block Island, of course!

If you haven't taken even a day trip out to this wonderful place yet, you must put it in your adjenda for next summer. If you happen to see Jill and Andy there, wish them a happy anniversary!
Congrats again to you both and may you have many, many fantastic trips to your special island!

Below is the exciting conclusion montage to Andy and Jill's Full-length Feature DVD:

Videography: Wedding Film Design by Sheila Orsi
Photography: John Fuller
Ceremony and Reception Location: The Sullivan House, Block Island
Entertainment: Charles Scopeletti (very good friend, very GREAT band!)

A year in the making!

Jessica and Morgan have been married a year now, celebrating their 1 year anniversary on October 18, 2009.
This is the Finale Highlight Reel to the House Wedding DVD.
Happy Anniversary, and many more!

Michele saw fireworks!

How many brides can literally say that she saw fireworks on her wedding day? Michele certainly can because her husband Kevin is the one who "lit her fire!"

No Fourth of July celebration is complete without some great American fireworks but that is not the only thing that made Michele and Kevin's wedding so perfect for them both. It was a perfectly beautiful day and location! A time and place they will NEVER forget because they get to live every single day in the place where they got married: home!

Take a peek at the Highlight Reel, the finale montage in their Full-length Feature DVD:

Videography: Wedding Film Design by Sheila Orsi
Photography: Alyssa Duncan
Ceremony and Reception Location: Michele and Kevin's home in Bedford, NH
Entertainment: Clockwork
Planning: Blissful Beginnings

Sarah & Hugh, Haute x's2

Well, if you have been following the blog, you would already be anticipating Sarah and Hugh's Highlight Reel, since we posted the HAUTE trailer a few months back. If you didn't get to check it out, here is the link:

In the meantime, this is the official posting of Sarah and Hugh's Highlights, their Full-Length DVD is in the mail to them right now and I am excited to hear feedback.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

Videography: Wedding Film Design by Sheila Orsi

Photography: Melinda Butler Photography

Ceremony and Reception Location: Crane Estate Ipswich, MA

Entertainment: The Tom Snow Orchestra Portland, ME

Florist: Elegant Touch Wedding Flowers, Eclectic Flowers, Pat Cowhig

Catering: Gourmet Caterers Boston, MA

Planning and Ceremony performed by: Melanie Bibbo Voros, Blissful Beginnings