August 20, 2008

What a summer so far!

Ok -
So obviously I haven't posted in a LONG while! Sorry!
It's summer vacation - I run a business AND have kids! It gets a bit crazy over here!
Anyway -
just an update on what the WFD staff has been up to lately.

Currently, we are ALMOST done with Ashlee and Paul's wedding- I am just putting the touch up on their highlights and voice overs! It is SOO phenomenal... I may post much of it VERY soon! This is weird... but many times, I edit footage - and by the end almost forget what I did at the beginning .. then I go back and watch the it from the beginning again... and cry... it freaks me out that my own footage does that to me sometimes..

I digress... Shirling and James were married in May - and I am on the tail end of proofing their wedding too. Gina, WFD's coolest editor/camera operator/ image proofer is currently working on Diana and Paul's rough cut. Cheri and James have their photos up online and we are working on Yuka and Jay.

In the meantime, we also just sent a rough draft edit to Edson Dias who is a PHENOMENAL photographer. He hired us to make a photographers promo video for him. (I'll post the link for you when it's REALLY done.)

We also finished capturing the Affliate Summit Conference held at Boston's World Trade Center.
AND the Big E's Massachusetts Dairy Farmers have also hired us to create an educational film and digital signage for them! WOW.....

So, just an FYI - YES - we are diligently working on your film... AND YES- I want to see it too!
Coming up on August 24th ( my bday... ) is Alexis & Ray's wedding, too!
Keep your eye's peeled for a bunch of new clips coming in the next few weeks... from wedding highlight reels to Instant Weddings ( Same Day Edit!)

Stay Tuned!

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