March 1, 2008

WFD Rants & Raves... what's your Op?

To quote an old Seinfeld opener:

"What's up with brides and wedding videos? I mean, come on... the absolute most MEMORABLE day in your life.. " wait, let me cliche this for you a little more....

sarcasm.... "You have dreamed about this day as a little girl. You have planned every detail from the invitations to the last dance. Your best friends and closest family will attend this once in a lifetime event...blah, blah, blah...."

Ok - I am venting... why? because I recieved another (mind you - very nice) e-mail from a bride looking for wedding videography services (I LOVE MY JOB!) and after letting her know her date was avail and explaining in detail the services I can provide for her... she deems my work too pricey. UHMMM.. I think.. and let me post this to you...

Why, do you, the bride, feel that wedding videography (ultimately the MOST historic, memorable and best investment in your entire wedding budget) would you find that investing in your wedding video services should only be a 1-2% of your budget investment?? I just really don't get it ?? ( a realistic investment, btw, is comparable to your wedding photography, the full video to photo ratio should be at least 50/50.. for good photos and a great video... )

I'm trying really hard to understand it... stats are that almost 65% of you opt NOT to have a professional videographer at all ..( WHAT??!!) ... NOT ONLY THAT... but out of the 65% of you opting out - 98% of you will say AFTER THE WEDDING that you feel you SHOULD have invested in it and that you missed out on SOO much of the day that your wedding videographer would have captured for you ( hindsight is 20/20)... so, again, I don't get it.

I would love to hear from you, the searching bride, and you, the married bride. Leave a comment if you wish, tell me about your feelings. As a professional wedding videographer part of my job is to not only create a film that is worthy of your eyes and ears, but of your heart and family heritage too! I want to be your family's film designer, where you invite me to attend not only your wedding, but your sister's and cousin's weddings or your mom and dad's 40th anniversary!

So, what is your opinion? What is the value of your wedding video? (Marge Simpson thought it was the most important memory to go back into a burning house for in Simpson's The Movie!)

More Highlight Reels are coming soon... keep your eyes out!

Sheila J. Orsi

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Ilya & Lana said...

Having personally used your services, I can wholeheartedly say that you are absolutely worth it! Your company name says it all -- you are not just a videographer, but truly a talented film designer...

Most videographers just turn on the video camera and stand there...handing you the barely edited tape a few weeks later. Your work was worth the wait! It is obvious how much effort you put into splicing and perfectly molding together pieces to fit the music and capture the atmosphere.

Also important is that you were so unobtrusive throughout the day. My guests noted that they were really able to focus on the event rather than have to sidestep the videographer and photographer.

I have seen TONS of wedding videos and really didn't want mine to look like anything I've seen...I don't like the cheesy gimmics and am not into sap. You heard me when I explained that to you and really captured the fun and uniqueness of our wedding...

The highlights reel you create is also amazing...not everyone is going to want to sit through an hour and a half video...but a 3 and a half minute clip that I can email is perfect! Totally captures a bit of everything and lets not only my guests but also people who couldn't make it, relive the excitement!

Please feel free to use me as a reference...

I hope to work with you in the all of my family's simchas!