January 10, 2008


Well, here we are, 2008!
Ready for a new season of weddings and events... and to celebrate the season we now have a new site where all of our clients will be able to find thier links to thier video clips OR we may post your video clip RIGHT HERE!

New Products that are available to you this season are:

Same Day Edit - have your wedding highlights handed to you before the end of the evening and/or watch them on the Big Screen at your reception!

Engaging Invitations - our newest venture! ( site coming soon!)
Send your photo montage, engagement photo montage or engagement journal to your guests. You can also give your Same Day Edit - or Same Day Images Montage out at your wedding as thank you gifts at the end of the evening!

Rough Cut - Many of WFD brides come to our studio with this exact quote:
"so many things are going to be happening, we just want to be able to see it all!"
to satisfy the vast majority of brides and groom who understand the value of the video itself for now and the future- we are offering the budget conscience "rough cut"

"Many brides and grooms are booking our same day edit and the rough cut together! It is the perfect balance between having a short entertaining piece to reminisce and a longer version of the reality of the day!" Sheila

We are always striving to satisfy our clients with creative ideas and valuable products.
Keep your eyes open!

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Anonymous said...

I love the idea of the rough cut and SDE "bundled" together...I bet it'll be a hit!