January 25, 2008

Just got back from Video '08!

We just returned from Video '08 -
Well, last night at about 1 am! What a rush - so much information to digest!

Video '08 is a wedding and event video convention chocked full of new ideas and products to offer brides and grooms for the 2008 season!

The very best tip I recieved was actually a site that I already new about but was completely underutilizing and I want to turn you onto it (if you are not already)
some of the new music we are exploring for 2008 are channels that you can start with these artists: Joshua Radkin, Patrick Park & Jeff Larson.

I was also enjoying some of the music by Madeleine Peyroux, it sounds very classic and beautiful. Images of slow motion montages and gentle breezes by the sea are what comes to my mind when listening to this channel.

Well, enjoy the music. I look forward to some of your choices this year.
(many of the artists names came directly from Chris Jones of masonjarproductions.com )

Enjoy Pandora!
Sheila J. Orsi


LVProductions said...

Sheila, thanks for the info on Pandora.
I forgot totally about this site as well.

It's Fantastic!

sheila j orsi said...

no problem ... I listen to it in all the time- you can discover some really great music on pandora!