August 15, 2010

Sophia & Peter:Trailer

Sophia and Peter were married on July 31, 2010!
What a beautiful day for a wedding in New England. Married in Cranston, Rhode Island at the Annunciation Church and receptioning in Providence at The Biltmore until midnight.

Such a handsome couple, full of life and love. Jim and I shot this wedding together as a 2 camera shoot and thank goodness, because having 2 shooters at the wedding allowed us to be in multiple locations to capture all of the happenings of the day ( and there was A LOT happening!)

From Ben & Jerry's ice cream to walking the art festival in Providence, Sophia and Peter ventured more places on their wedding day than most people do on a regular day!

All of the locations and events made this wedding so unique and fun, I hope you find a taste of it all in the trailer below! Enjoy!

Sheila J. Orsi


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