December 10, 2009

Sarah & Justin,a WFD Trailer

October 10th started out with think storm clouds, and a threatening of rain, but all held off and a beautiful afternoon was the setting for Sarah and Justin's wedding in Central Massachusetts at the regal Harding Allen Estate in the quiet country town of Barre, MA.

This trailer is a precursor to their full length film which will be arriving at their doorstep soon (Sarah and Justin live within walking distance of the WFD studio.) Enjoy your viewing!
Sheila J. Orsi

Ceremony &
Reception: Harding Allen Estate, Barre, MA
Photography & Videography: Sheila Orsi & Bonnie Carter Wedding Film Design
Entertainment: Bob Solano,
Here are a few images, by Bonnie Carter, affiliate Photographer of WFD:

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Mandy said...

It was an incredible wedding for to amazing people and you did a fabulous job on the video and Bonnie is an amazing photographer!