May 28, 2009

Would you do this to anyone else?

So often as service providers, we get the " Can you help me out? I'm on a budget?"
which at WFD, we COMPLETELY understand.. we are on a budget, too!

This has been an interesting year to say the least.. and we are certainly willing to work with potential clients... please understand.. this is in good humor - with a dash of truth to it.. WFD cannot claim to be the producer.. but we are certainly happy to post a bit of sweet and sour video every once in a while! Enjoy!



jen from ftp said...

Ok, That is the FUNNIEST thing I have ever seen. AMEN sister!

Anonymous said...

I thought that was rude and tasteless. There is nothing wrong with negotiation. That is what sales is made up of. And, in a tight economy more people are willing to negotiate to continue to work. To think that you are above negotiation or too good to come down on price is ridiculous. I am a sales person and am asked to negotiate my rate daily. It's part of what I do. Get over it.

sheila j orsi said...

Dear Anonymous,

I was going to remove your post from the WFD blog. Why did I leave it? Because I wanted the WFD community to realize that I am passionate about what I do. When I put my name on a film or image, I am producing quality work and I felt this video was a bit of sweet and sour humor to state that our rates are significant to the quality of our product.

My good friend Jen from FTP left her name on her post, I posted it on the blog... you on the other hand didn't even post your name.