April 16, 2009


I am soo excited!
This season WFD has upgraded all it's camera's to HD! Yup- we are taking you all to the High Definition World! What does that mean for you? A higher quality image and an updated film format! It also means that WFD is getting "Greener!"

With our new HD cams - no more tapes.. all of our footage is captured on SD cards.. making our film format a little more earth friendly, and allowing our editing time to speed up too!

So, with our sped up capture (editing) time, we are revamping our packages too! It seems that many of our clients are looking for more sharply edited versions of their wedding day that can be watched not only at home, but shared online too! So, this season we are introducing new V-media films that are more captivating for your online experience!

Let us know where you need to share your wedding, whether on Facebook, MySpace, or on your personal Wedding Blog, and we can tailor a trailer, pre-quel, highlight or 20 minute version of your wedding day just for you - in HD!

Be on the lookout for our new HD films on the blog!
Happy Wedding Planning!

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