November 13, 2008

A Promise to Keep!

This past June, WFD had the pleasure of working with 2 of the most wonderful, sincere people I have ever met, Cheri and Jim.

Cheri is a registered nurse now, and was diligently working on finishing her nursing degree and passing the nursing exam, all while planning a wedding! Jim was working as a fireman (and keeping track of Cheri's cats for her.)

Cheri and Jim asked me to produce an Engagement Journal for them to play during their reception. Engagment Journals are my favorite film to produce because I get to spend quality time with a couple and really learn who they are and why they love each other so much. Producing an Engagment Journal, for me, makes the wedding day so much more special because it becomes soo much more than just the wedding day but a true climax of the couples relationship at the time.

So, Cheri and Jim had a fabulous wedding day. They exchanged vows and celebrated the wedding at Promises to Keep in Derry, New Hampshire. The day was overcast, which was perfect for photos and kept the sun from all their guests who gathered on the grounds to watch them say "I do."

Below is the highlight reel from Cheri and Jim's full-length DVD and below that is a link to Cheri and Jim's Engagment Journal and Instant Wedding Film.

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And here is Cheri and Jim's Journal and Instant Wedding film:


Cheri said...

We can't even express how happy we are with the pictures and video-everyone is STILL talking about the engagement journal and instant film played at our reception (definitely one of the highlights!) Sheila-you instantly put us at ease and I felt like we were old friends! Thank you for everything!!!! I would HIGHLY recommend your work for any occassion!

sheila j orsi said...

Thanks for that fab comment Cheri-
having been a small part of your family now with your sister-in-laws wedding, Shannon, and your mother and father-in-laws anniversary video, I did feel like an "old" friend ( but not THAT old, LOL) SO glad to be a part of the family again, watching it grow with the new little one Brian and Shannon just had! I'm looking forward to Christmas cards with you and Jim and the cats! (HA!)