May 10, 2008

Not Just Weddings...

Can I please tell you how cool my job is??

About 2 years ago, Amber and Rob came to me for a simple photo montage of their childhood and dating images to make a slideshow DVD for them to play at their wedding. Well, at this time, I had been introduced to the Same-Day-Edit (I call it the Instant Film) and I asked Amber and Rob to let me "experiment" on them to see if I could pull it off... Well, we did it - and it not only got an overwhelming response both for Amber and Rob at the wedding, but for thier guests as well. ( Amber told me that friends and family are STILL talking about it .. here is an archived link if you want to peek at my first "eva" Instant Film - Needless to say, Amber and Rob believed in me and WFD to pull of the most incredible film to hit a wedding! And, now that I have had a taste for the Instant Film, that is really all I would like to do!

I digress, my point of this post is to let you all know that at WFD, we are here for the long run, and one of my favorite parts of my incredible job is that I get to connect with your family in such a meaningful way.

Amber and Rob have been married for over 2 years now, and they came to me recently to pull together the images of the 40 year marriage of Amber's Mom and Dad. They are having a fabulous celebration on May 17th ( shh- dont tell - it's a secret!)

Here is the Digital Scrapbook they will be showing on the Projection Screen on Saturday! Enjoy!

Digital Scrapbook DVD's are great for anniversaries, graduations and to showcase at your wedding... just don't forget to add the Instant Film to your wedding DVD for a phenomenal presentation!

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