May 22, 2008

Heather & Gregg, The Hotel Marlowe

Heather and Gregg were one of the most genuine couples I had the pleasure to film!
They were married in The Hotel Marlowe located in Cambridge, MA!

Their ceremony was officiated by a good friend of theirs and they wanted to make sure to incorporate some Jewish traditions, especially the "breaking of the glass." What I was MOST impressed with, though, was the sincerity of their vows to each other. In the full version, you can hear Gregg promise to "make your favorite dinners," how totally genuine can you get? ( I wish my husband had promised that to me! HA!)

In this highlight piece, you may not catch that portion of their vows, but you will hear the importance of the wedding video. So many people at Gregg and Heather's wedding said soo many thoughtful things, it is precious to have a memory like this, for now and for the future!

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