April 29, 2008

A Same Day Edit at The Taj in Boston!

A Change of Pace!

What a great wedding.. and it wasn't even for WFD!

This past weekend I was given the opportunity to work with Jen & Liz from FairyTale Productions at www.ftpweddings.com It was such a blast to work with two more talented women in the wedding film industry! ( Not that I want to promote my "competition" - but these chics are cool!)

The best part of the wedding was the Same Day Edit. A Same Day Edit - is just that... while capturing all of the moments during your wedding day - the editor from your film team is "behind closed doors" working diligently on your wedding highlights so you can view all the very best parts of your wedding day sometime on the big screen during your reception!

Here at WFD, we have done Same Day Edits, and personally, I would do this at every wedding!
The planning of your wedding is soo drawn out - but when it comes to the day it is sooo fast-paced.. it's hard to believe that it has happened soo quickly! The Same Day Edit allows you to literally STOP for 5-10 minutes during your reception and reflect on the day! Not only does a Same Day Edit bring a flood of emotions to the surface, but it is a powerful presentation for your friends and family to watch as well!

So, it was really interesting to be on another side of a Same Day Edit this weekend. Not really a guest, not really the hired film company, but I was able to see the power of a Same Day Edit for myself from a new perspective, and still, I am blown away by it every time!

Many brides have booked us to film their Same Day Edit for 2008!
Call or e-mail today to book a Same Day Edit for your wedding or leave a comment about a Same Day Edit you have seen!

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Jen from Fairytale Productions said...

It couldn't have worked without you Shiela. Thank you so much for your hard work, and your amazing footage. Where would I be without those groom prep shots? You're the bomb diggity (lol)...can't wait to tag team another SDE together!