February 26, 2008

Another Happy Bride !

Brianna & Michael were married at Lake Pearl Luciano's in July 2007.
She sent me this wonderful e-mail that I wanted to share with my readers!
(thanks Bri!)
Here is a link to Mike and Bri's highlight reel, too!

Hi Sheila,

Thanks for getting us the video, we were surprised to see so many copies of both the DVD and the pocket videos. We watched it over the weekend with my in-laws and we all enjoyed it so much! You really got some great footage and did a wonderful job. We absolutley loved the beginning and how you put everyone words to our pictures and the music. The song from
Kelly Clarkson to that whole set ; well I had tears coming down my face and
I know I will for years to come. I want to say we are very happy with your work
and our keepsake .

~Brianna & Michael

"Carpe Diem"


Andrew H. said...

in spite of your clients kind words, you must know i'm your biggest fan! (maybe next to pete.)

love ya!

sheila j orsi said...

Thanks Drew! ...
Right back attcha!